Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm

Saturday and Sunday 9am – 6pm

Our Promise

Thanks for stopping at Sipping Turtle Cafe. We’re in Avondale and we love to be a small part of your daily life. Our goal is to serve you, provide a friendly service and hope to make you smile. Besides being nice, we strive to please you with our food and drinks, from roasted coffee beans by Pilsen’s own Stivers Coffee to tea sourced from all corners of the earth, freshly toasted sandwiches and bakery from our local partners. We promise to work hard, be our happy self and serve our best but if we come across less than what you expected, please accept our apology and we will do better next time. Hope to see you soon.


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Monday to Friday

8am – 6pm

Saturday and Sunday

9am – 6pm


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A place for friends to meet

Sipping Turtle Cafe is a new community cafe in the Chicago Avondale neighborhood. Everyone is welcome; students, professionals, mothers, fathers. Stop by and meet your neighbors, make new conversations and create new experiences. Every day is a new adventure and we hope we can be just a small bit part of yours. Welcome and say hi.


Coffee, tea, yummies all day

Specialty Latte

Meet your Friendly Baristas

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"I saved a turtle at Humboldt Park lagoon now I’m working at Sipping Turtle."

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"I'm a library science student specializing in archival studies. In my free time I like to cook soup, make and listen to strange music, and rewatch Star Trek (DS9 or TNG)."

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"I love sleep and I love coffee. Not good."

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"I like to collect old soul skillets and restore them for in home self-chef training. I also teach and play tuba in my other spare time."

Better earth for better people

We know we want to do better not just for ourselves but for neighbors and our planet. We will do our best to source our products locally and to be environmentally conscious. That’s why we have paper take-outs and bags, metal straws for in-house and recycle our coffee grounds for certain plant fertilizer. We value your visit to our cafe, sharing your stories and helping us make our day. Thank you!