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Fresh Toasted Bagel Sandwiches in Avondale Chicago

Normally we don’t like to brag, it’s not in the turtle’s DNA. I mean turtles are humble creatures; quiet, shy to a fault you can say and definitely not a showoff!

But I can’t help to squeak a little, may I? You see we just launched bagel sandwiches in our menu no more than a month ago and it’s been a hit. Besides serving plain or everything style toasted bagels, we offered four new toasted bagel sandwiches. They are the classic lox bagel sandwich, the vegetarian friendly egg and goat cheese bagel sandwich, bacon and cheddar bagel sandwich and the uniquely salivating salmon wasabi bagel sandwich. Each of the bagel sandwiches have been doing well and we have had many customers who have not tried one but all four bagel sandwiches. In fact some have even rotated all four bagel sandwiches more than a few times.

Which one is the favorite so far? Well, we hate picking favorites because we think they are all good in its own way but we have to admit the salmon wasabi has been the best seller so far. The combination of wasabi, smoked salmon, pickled ginger, fresh avocado on a toasted bagel is electrifying to their taste buds. At least that’s what Dylan, one of our loyal customers, said.

If you think the wasabi salmon is a little too adventurous for you, then we got the lox bagel sandwich for the salmon lovers. The egg and goat cheese has a sweetness to it if you prefer over savory. And don’t forget the classic bacon and cheddar. Many of our customers like to add an over and easy egg to it, however, which we do offer as an option. But whatever your favorite bagel sandwich of ours, we have it here for you to try. You can even rotate them like some of our customers have been doing. (turtle smiling)

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