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Dalgona Coffee Is Now At Sipping Turtle Cafe

One of the newest coffee trends has arrived in Chicago. Dalgona coffee, a simple yet tasty iced coffee drink is now at Sipping Turtle Cafe. Dalgona coffee is basically milk topped with whipped instant coffee mixed with sugar and hot water proportionally. Sounds simple right? It does but as many know who tried to make the topping, it can take a long time unless you have the right tools like a automatic mixer. Mixing it with your hand with a spoon or manual mixer can take anywhere from 10 – 30 minutes for the right consistency. It’s definitely a great workout for your arm though!

Dalgona coffee started as a Tik Tok trend and has now exploded all over the internet. But its origins are from South Korea and has spread fast not just to the rest of Asia but now to the United States and Europe as well.

Each coffee shop does its Dalgona coffee a little differently. The most basic form is milk and whipped coffee topping. At Sipping Turtle Cafe, whipped coffee is added to the bottom of the cup as well to the side not just on top of the milk and ice. This gives more balance to Dalgona otherwise the strong coffee taste from the whipped coffee can easily overwhelm.  The baristas at Sipping Turtle Cafe like to add whipped cream and a dash of instant coffee on top of it for a delicious mix of flavors and texture. Tasty and a little artsy too!

If you haven’t tried Dalgona coffee or would like to try a new version, come to Sipping Turtle Cafe. Happy drinking!

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