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Chicago Coffee Shop Now Opens Until 9PM

With Chicago opening up and summer here, Sipping Turtle Cafe is getting ready for this hopeful new year. The cafe is reverting back to its original closing hour of 9pm, Monday – Sunday.

The owners of Sipping Turtle, Peter and Aey, explained further on why they chose to close later now.

“We wanted to be a late night coffee shop from the start. And we opened ’till 9pm when the business started. But as soon as we opened, the pandemic began. So, with fewer customers, of course we had to limit our hours to 6pm. But now with the city opening and summer here, we feel the people of Chicago are ready for a late night coffee shop where they can get their favorite drinks and food.

“We also love the idea that our cafe can be the place where you can meet a friend for an evening chat. Or a meeting for your next collaboration. Or just a place to unwind from the day’s stresses. We love that idea.

“And finally it’s summer and that means it’s Italian ice season. Our customers absolutely love our Italian ice and we in return love the idea of serving it to them when doing their late night stroll.”

Asked if the hours are permanent, the owners said that though the plan is for the summer, they’d love to make it permanent if the demand is there.

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